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November-December 2008 Update

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008


CRIME: The suspect in the Havenstein murder is in jail, pending the court date for his trial. Although he has been caught, County police advise residents to remain vigilant regarding other crime. One alert WBCA resident’s report of a stolen laptop was key to breaking the homicide case! Report any suspicious behavior – since there is some evidence of increasing crime in the area (including at Cabin John and Montgomery Malls). Call 911 or the general crime number (301-279-8000).

NEIGHBORHOOD FOLLOW-UP ON SECURTY SITUATION: One WBCA goal has been to achieve something positive from the tragic event that occurred this fall – namely, a greater sense of community and connection. We have thus taken the following actions:

 Doubled our email listserv so that we can reach more of you faster, especially in case of an emergency.
 Established a West Bradley website – thanks to J.J. MacNab! Check it out at
 Set up Neighbors’ Network – thanks to all who have volunteered to gather contact information on the blocks where you live, hold social events, and identify priorities on your street!

SCHOOLS: There are two more opportunities to voice your view on the new school, scheduled to replace the current Seven Locks Elementary School by January 2012. The Montgomery County Public Schools staff will hold open meetings on Tuesday, November 18 (3:30 PM) and on Tuesday, December 9 (7:00 PM) at Seven Locks School – showing draft designs for the expanded facility and proposals for new traffic access to the site. Due to budget shortfalls for school construction, WBCA has testified before the County School Board supporting the Seven Locks project.

PROPERTY TAXES: Want to know how your property taxes are assessed and how to appeal them? If so, sign up to attend seminar offered by the Montgomery County Civic Federation (the umbrella organization of community organizations to which WBCA belongs). The seminar will be held on Saturday, December 6, 9-11:30 AM, in the first floor auditorium of the County Council Office Building, 100 Maryland Avenue, Rockville. Free parking in the adjacent garage. Small fee may be assessed to cover costs of materials and light refreshments. If interested, rsvp to or

OTHER ISSUES: Although some WBCA residents already enjoy County leaf vacuuming service each fall, most do not. Those interested in getting that service (covered by a small charge in your County tax bill) will have the opportunity to sign a petition being prepared by WBCA resident Greg Barr. Let us know other ways that YOUR civic association can help YOU! Interested in more lighting or police surveillance? Programs for aging in place? Information on reliable repair services? We are here to serve you!