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June 2010 update

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

Dealing with Deer:   Hungry deer continue to devour gardens and help spread Lyme disease in our community! For those interested in learning what can be done, attend the next meeting of the Montgomery County Civic Federation (MCCF) on Monday, June 14. Place: County Council Office Building, First Floor Auditorium, 100 Maryland Ave. in Rockville. Time: 7:45-10:00 PM. Free parking in adjacent County Council garage. Bill Hamilton, the Parks Department Principal Natural Resource Specialist, will be the featured speaker at this monthly meeting of County civic associations and citizens. Since West Bradley belongs to MCCF, all of you are welcome to attend. It will be a good opportunity to follow up on the letters that many of us sent to Mr. Hamilton this last year and voice concern about budget decreases that may undercut County deer management programs. MCCF meetings are useful for providing information not only on the featured topic but also on all kinds of County issues that affect us in West Bradley.

Heads-up on Hollyoak/Deepwell Intersection:  Residents in this area of West Bradley have become increasingly concerned about the number of cars that speed through this intersection despite the four-way stop signs and the fact that this street crossing is a school bus stop. There has been one accident and there have been several near-misses. For this reason, residents in the Hollyoak/Deepwell area have asked the County Police to have a cruiser at that intersection, especially during rush hours. Hence, a caution to one and all – do honor the stop signs or risk a ticket. Most to the point, for the sake of safety, drive gently and legally throughout our community!

Help Update Email Listserv:  To all those wonderful neighbors who volunteered to serve as street captains, please let Sandy Vogelgesang ( know the address, phone number and email of new residents on your block or changes in emails for continuing residents. Our listserv works well only if we have up-to-date emails. For those who are not street reps but get this notice via the discussion listservs, do subscribe to the announcement listserv by clicking on and let Sandy know your contact info as well so that we have a current overall contact list for the community. Thanks so much for your help!

Building at Seven Locks/Change of Voting Place:  Work will begin this summer on the new Seven Locks Elementary School. Both the building and grounds will be closed in order to prepare for demolition of the current structure, mid-late summer, and the beginning of construction of the new expanded school this fall. Because of the project, those in Precinct 10-3 who normally vote at Seven Locks will vote at Carderock Elementary School for both the September primary and November election.

Happy Summer! Let your WBCA Board know if there are any issues you would like us to address or ideas for more community activity. In the meantime, enjoy a wonderful summer!