June 2011 update

Security Concern

Several neighbors in our West Bradley community east of Seven Locks Road have reported concern about a young man who has been coming to their door this week and either asking for contributions to unspecified organizations or saying that he is taking a poll on literacy. Neighbors report that he has shown no identification of the organization that he represents and that he has been rude and threatening. The description posted by neighbors: Appears to be in his late teens, African-American, wearing a white shirt, glasses and khaki pants.

We are posting this notice on our general listserv because notice of this concern was posted only on the burningrose discussion listserv and not for the westofsevenlocks discussion listserv.

In this kind of situation, Montgomery County police recommend that, when in doubt, do not hesitate to call 911. That is the number to call – not 311, which is for non-security issues. Even if the police arrive too late to talk to the person who has come to your door, police presence in the neighborhood can help. Further, the standard precaution applies: always check before opening your door to a stranger.

Update on New Neighbors

Summer is the time for greater turnover in our community, with new neighbors moving in. We would appreciate an update from street captains on any new neighbors who have moved in this last year and, as the summer progresses, new ones that arrive. In fact, just to help assure that our lists are as up-to-date as possible, anyone in our community who can provide us with the contact information (name, address, phone number and email) for a new neighbor or someone you think may not be on our listserv and would like to be, send that information to Sandy Vogelgesang, WBCA president, everest.associates@erols.com. For example, any one of you who thinks that your next door neighbor may not be on our listserv, do err on the side of checking! We never know when we will need this list in case of emergency. We are particularly concerned in behalf of those with health issues or seniors who may need some special help. Thanks in advance for your help!

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