Verizon project at 7 Locks and Bradley

Several residents have asked about the proposed project at the intersection of Seven Locks Road and Bradley Boulevard. The notice posted on the property across from Seven Locks Elementary School concerns the Verizon petition for a special exception of Section 59-G-2.58 of the Zoning Ordinance to permit replacing the radio tower on the site (7887 Bradley Boulevard) with a new telecommunications facility. That facility would include a 105-foot monopole, nine panel antennas, three dishes and three future antennas, eighteen Tower Mounted Amplifiers, and a support structure to hold two telecommunication carriers. The notice for Case No. S-2762 includes more details on the 2726 square-foot equipment compound including 10-20-foot concrete pad and provision for three future equipment pads. There will be a public hearing in the County Council Office Building on November 28, 2011 or “as soon thereafter as this matter can be heard.”

The WBCA Board has flagged this item for the Seven Locks PTA because of the possible health implications for children at the new Seven Locks building and also alerted neighboring community associations that are even more directly affected by the project. Any residents who would be interested in working on this project or who have more information on the subject or views you want registered should email Sandy Vogelgesang at Copies of material about the project can be obtained from the Montgomery County Board of Appeals. Based on what we learn, WBCA may request an informational meeting or make a formal presentation at the public hearing in November.

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