Traffic Safety


Seven Locks Road:
Traffic Safety and Proposed Sidewalk/Bikeway

New Project: Work continues on the County’s proposed project with walkways for both sides of Seven Locks Road from Bradley Boulevard to Montrose Boulevard and a bikeway on one side of the road. The new walkway is to link up with the walkway already installed along Seven Locks Road from Bradley Boulevard south to River Road and beyond to the C and O Canal.

The goal is to expand the walking and biking network throughout Montgomery County – with special regard for connecting park and recreation areas. Next steps include getting approval from the County Planning Board, funding, and public comment on final designs. The earliest construction date is likely, according to project managers, to be in 2012. Community leaders have urged the County to coordinate plans for this walkway-bikeway with the plans for building a new elementary school at the intersection of Seven Locks Road and Bradley Boulevard. For more information, consult the Montgomery County website for the Department of Public Works and Transportation (DPWT).

Continuing Safety Concern: On both the specific walkway project and for Seven Locks Road in general, the West Bradley Citizens’ Association has underscored the overriding concern of our residents about traffic safety. There is acute community concern about speeding along Seven Locks Road and rush-hour gridlock. Thus, while WBCA supports the proposed walkway/bikeway project as one means to bolster pedestrian safety, we continue to press for other measures to increase traffic safety along Seven Locks Road.

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