Quick Updates

Help Support and Design Your Community School! You will have one last chance to voice your views about the new school in our community. The Montgomery County Public School staff and architects will present draft designs this week for the new school that will be built on the site of the current Seven Locks Elementary School. If you have young children, you will want to see and influence what is planned. Even if you do not have school-age children, this is your opportunity to help shape the building that will stand at the intersection of Seven Locks and Bradley. Many of you fought hard to preserve this neighborhood school. Attending this meeting will help underscore the importance which our community attaches to the Seven Locks school and recreation area. Do come! Date: Tuesday, December 9. Time: 7:00 PM Place: Seven Locks Elementary School Multi-purpose Room.

Crime Alert. Remember to remain alert to crime, since it tends to increase at this time of year and since we continue to have reported incidents in our neighborhood. Some of the break-ins of cars have been quite professional – with alarm systems deactivated before thieves took lap-tops and air-bags. Note also that crime is on the increase at our local malls. So take special precautions for your personal safety and lock your car at Cabin John Mall and Montgomery Mall.

Holiday Greetings! This community has really come together this year – with a new website (www.westbradley.org), expanded email listserv and Neighborhood Network. Keep up the great work as we proceed with more programs (from leaf collection and references for baby-sitting and repair service) to more social gatherings and initiatives to help some age in place. And, to all of you, Warm Holiday Greetings!

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