New Services for West Bradley Community!

In response to requests from residents, we are announcing the opportunity for two new services:

 ANNUAL LEAF COLLECTION. The West Bradley neighborhood is adjacent to the County Leaf Vacuuming District and thus qualifies for inclusion in that service if 80 percent of its residents petition for this service. There is an annual fee for the service which will appear in the “solid waste charge” line of your property tax bill. For the service year 2008, the charge was $93.04. That charge may increase slightly each year. If the neighborhood becomes part of the Leaf Vacuuming District, all you will need to do to dispose of your fallen leaves is make sure that they are gathered in piles at the edge of your street. Pick-up occurs twice during the Fall. Greg Barr and J.J. MacNab, residents in West Bradley, have volunteered to lead this petition drive. They are looking to Street Captains in our Neighborhood Network and others to help distribute the petition over the next month or so. See our website ( for names of Street Captains for your block or nearby blocks. For questions on the Leaf Collection, contact Greg Barr (

 BABYSITTING. Since more families with young children are moving into the neighborhood, there has been the request for a list of local babysitters that could be distributed only to people who live in the West Bradley area. If you would like to add a name to the babysitter list, send a private email to J.J. MacNab ( and include the sitter’s name, age, telephone number, email address, street address, and any special information that you want to provide (experience, good with infants, allergic to pets, etc.) If you want to receive the babysitter list once it is set up with periodic updates as appropriate, also send J.J. a private email saying that you want to receive the list. Please include your name and street address in your email.

 OTHER ITEMS. Let us know if there are other services that might be helpful – Help with pets while you are away? Access to County services for aging in place? Also stay tuned for notices of social events that some blocks are organizing to help bring our community together during this time of year. And, to one and all, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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