Burglary Alert


On Friday, March 20, at approximately 9:00 p.m., 1st District Officers responded to the 10600 block of Rock Run Drive in Potomac for the report of a burglary in progress. Upon arrival, they met with the victims who reported receiving a door bell ring, only to find no one in front of the door. Approximately five (5) minutes later, the door bell rang again with the same results.

As the victims looked to the front of the home, they noticed three (3) males wearing ski masks hiding in their bushes. As one of the home owners yelled out to them from an upstairs window, the suspects fled on foot. No entry was ever made into the home. The only description we have of the suspects at this time is that they are males with medium builds. It should also be noted that shortly prior to, or after the event on Rock Run Drive (the exact time is unknown), another community member within a short distance away also received a door ring – only to learn no one could be seen through the peep hole.

At this time, we do not know if the two incidents are related. Upon learning of the incidents, I directed a patrol sergeant to ensure the matter was properly documented for follow-up investigation. Extra patrol was established and personally headed by a patrol supervisor. At this time, no other similar incidents have been reported in the area or in neighboring districts.

The 1st District Investigative Section has been assigned the case. We are urging anyone with information regarding the aforementioned incidents to contact the 1st District Investigative Section at (240) 773-6084. Please feel free to call the Police Department’s non-emergency number at (301) 279-8000 should you see any suspicious person and/or vehicle in your community; you may remain anonymous if you desire.

The safety tips noted below are general guidelines that we encourage you to share with other community members. Should you desire an officer to come to your home and perform an on-site home security survey, please contact 1st District Community Services Officer Michael Prather at (240) 773-6077.


Capt. McSwain

Captain Darryl W. McSwain, Commander
1st District Station
1451 Seven Locks Road
Rockville, Maryland 20854
Phone 240-773-6070


  • Keep your windows and doors locked.
  • Before opening the door to someone you do not recognize, verify their identity through an independent source. For example, if a person states that they are a delivery/utility worker, call the publicly listed telephone number for the local corporate office to confirm the same. (Do not trust a number provided by the unknown subject.)
  • Always remain aware of your surroundings; scan any hidden areas near the entry points of your home before entering or exiting.
  • Trim shrubbery near your home to prevent the obstruction of entrances and windows.
  • Make your home always seem occupied.
  • Consider placing timers on lights, a radio, and/or a television
  • If you live alone, have a neighbor park their extra vehicle in your driveway
  • Walk in pairs or at least notify someone of where you are going – as well as your expected time of return.
  • Avoid scheduling contractors to enter your home during your absence; do not provide them with a key.
  • Keep all tools/ladders out of sight and locked away.

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